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HeartSong Club

In Virtual Worlds

"HEARTSONG CLUB" came into existence in Spring of 2008 as a result of a love for God, music, and the desire to create an environment that would bless the Virtual World community. Today, HeartSong is in Second life and an Opensim Grid named "The Haven Grid". HeartSong serves as a place of fellowship for all. 


Changing The Atmosphere

As a result of streaming music and concerts at "HeartSong Club", "HIS24-7 Internet Radio" was created.  Currently we stream into virtual worlds and online and on mobile devices.  . Our goal is to change the atmosphere with the light of God's love. With all that is going on in the worlds (whether virtual or real), we pray we are a blessing to all who hear us and those we meet in the Virtual Worlds.


Live Concerts

Real life performers stream into the Virtual worlds and present concerts to a community from around the world.


Bull Riding

Bull riding is so realistic.  Kick up the dust and get knocked off the bull. No pain and fun contests.


Jetski rides

Ride a jetski or other vehicles like a motorcycle, automobile, Hang glider, Helicopter and more.


Ice Skating

Ice skating with friends, Even have a snowball fight.  Line skate or freestyle.  



Compete or bowl for fun.   The pins are knocked down like a real bowling alley.  


Ride an elephant

Ride a tiger, lion, or a horse.  Or ride  a flying dragon only in the Virtual Worlds