HEARTSONG came into existence in Spring of 2008 as a result of a love for God, music, and the desire to create an environment that would bring fellowship to the Second life community. As a newbie, I explored Christian clubs, finding “Morning Star” owned by “1wayup Wise” then finding “Powerhouse”, where Sixgin Ayres was running events.  I thought it was fantastic that there was a Christian community where people from all over the world could gather.

As I continued to explore I discovered there were live concerts.  One of the first concerts I attended was that of Noma Falta who streamed her blues bass and tracks into Second Life.  I was blown away by this concept …playing in second life to a global audience (me not being a computer techie).  I continued to explore and found there were no Christian concerts taking place.  At one poine here was Christian concert event presented by Sonic Rang (owner of Eternal Creations Estates). He was with a Christian singer in real life helping her stream into second life..  That was the only time I heard a Christian Concert and it was awesome.

As I became familiar with Second life and bonded with the owner of Wings of Hope SIM (Maggie Barkley), the notion of creating a live music venue came into realization. But this adventure was not just two people, there were several who were a blessing and continue to do so.  There were two Dutch ladies (Qetra Karas & Christianadreetje Dench) who always assisted in creating a beautiful environment by landscaping and assisting in so many areas.. But creating a live music venue faced its biggest obstacle…..finding Christian performers.   When we decided to get the venue up and running the only choice was to present non-Christian concerts.  As we invited the secular performers and explained it was a Christian venue we discovered that some were believers but had no avenue to present that part of their lives.  Christian musicians felt there was no audience that would be interested in songs that would glorify God or speak of their faith.  But as they came out and sang “Contemporary Christian Music” they received a positive response and realized there was a growing community of Christians in Second life.  Performers like Mia Maxsted, is a choir director in Germany and SRV4U Conachter is active in his church community and did not hesitate to speak of his faith during his concerts.

There were also many who did not profess faith in God but upon performing at “HeartSong” were blessed by merely seeing the love of His people and the opportunity to share our faith often arose. I also found that when folks had a need and wanted to seek God they remembered the Christian Venue and returned seeking the prayers of the righteous (James 5:16 …The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.) Today there are many more Christian musicians performing, which is an answer to prayer and a tremendous blessing to the Christian community and others.  As time passed Maggie sold her sim but the efforts to continue with a Christian ministry in the virtual worlds continued.

Today, HeartSong is in Second life and InWorldz.  We have events where music is streamed for fellowship and live concerts continue.  Streaming into the virtual worlds became a greater blessing when it is sent to the real world through internet radio.  Today we stream into the virtual worlds and the real world with “HeartSong Virtual World Radio” which can be heard on our website “HeartSonglive.com” or on mobile devices by downloading the “TuneIn” app and finding “HeartSong Virtual World Radio”.  And so the adventure continues…